Pay-Bill Status Report

Data presentation instance: 01 December 2022 22:47:17
NOTE: Report are not LIVE, data refresh hourly.

LabAcronymPaybill for Latest Month-YearPay-Bill Status
AMPRINov-2022In Processing
CBRIOct-2022In Processing
CCMBNov-2022Generated and closed on 30 Nov 2022
CDRIJul-2020Generated and closed on 25 Aug 2020
CECRINov-2022In Processing
CEERISep-2021Generated and closed on 10 May 2022
CFTRIOct-2022Generated and closed on 04 Nov 2022
CGCRINov-2022In Processing
CIMAPMar-2021Generated and closed on 28 Jul 2021
CIMFRNov-2022In Processing
CLRINov-2022In Processing
CMERINov-2021In Processing
CRRINov-2022In Processing
CSIODec-2021Generated and closed on 03 Jan 2022
CSIROct-2022Generated and closed on 17 Nov 2022
CSIR Complex-New DelhiAug-2022Generated and closed on 07 Oct 2022
CSIR-4PINov-2022In Processing
CSIR-CxNov-2022In Processing
CSMCRINov-2022In Processing
HRDCAug-2022In Processing
IGIBNov-2022In Processing
IHBTNov-2022In Processing
IICBNov-2022In Processing
IICTNov-2022In Processing
IIIMSep-2021In Processing
IIPNov-2022Generated and closed on 30 Nov 2022
IITRMar-2021In Processing
IMMTOct-2022Generated and closed on 22 Nov 2022
IMTNov-2022In Processing
NALNov-2022In Processing
NBRIMar-2021Generated and closed on 08 Jul 2021
NCLNov-2022In Processing
NEERIOct-2021In Processing
NEISTNov-2022In Processing
NGRIFeb-2021Generated and closed on 27 Mar 2021
NIISTNov-2022In Processing
NIOApr-2021Generated and closed on 01 May 2021
NIScPRNov-2022In Processing
NISTADSJun-2021In Processing
NMLNov-2021Generated and closed on 08 Dec 2021
NPLMar-2021Generated and closed on 01 Apr 2021
SERCNov-2022In Processing
URDIPJul-2021Generated and closed on 21 Apr 2022