Pay-Bill Status Report

Data presentation instance: 08 March 2021 21:31:09
NOTE: Report are not LIVE, data refresh hourly.

LabAcronymPaybill for Latest Month-YearPay-Bill Status
AMPRIJan-2021Generated and closed on 09 Feb 2021
CBRIFeb-2021In Processing
CCMBNov-2015Generated and closed on 27 Nov 2015
CDRIJul-2020Generated and closed on 25 Aug 2020
CECRIFeb-2021Generated and closed on 01 Mar 2021
CEERIJan-2021In Processing
CFTRIDec-2020Generated and closed on 24 Feb 2021
CGCRIFeb-2021Generated and closed on 01 Mar 2021
CIMAPNov-2020In Processing
CIMFRFeb-2021Generated and closed on 01 Mar 2021
CLRIFeb-2021In Processing
CMERIJan-2021In Processing
CRRIFeb-2021In Processing
CSIODec-2020Generated and closed on 31 Dec 2020
CSIRFeb-2021In Processing
CSIR Complex-New DelhiAug-2020In Processing
CSIR-4PIFeb-2021In Processing
CSIR-CxFeb-2021Generated and closed on 25 Feb 2021
CSMCRINov-2020In Processing
HRDCDec-2020In Processing
IGIBOct-2020In Processing
IHBTJan-2021Generated and closed on 27 Jan 2021
IICBAug-2020In Processing
IICTSep-2020In Processing
IIIMSep-2020In Processing
IIPNov-2020In Processing
IITROct-2020In Processing
IMMTFeb-2021In Processing
IMTFeb-2021Generated and closed on 01 Mar 2021
NALFeb-2021In Processing
NBRINov-2020In Processing
NCLJan-2021Generated and closed on 31 Jan 2021
NEERIJan-2021Generated and closed on 12 Feb 2021
NEISTJan-2021Generated and closed on 28 Jan 2021
NGRIDec-2020Generated and closed on 08 Feb 2021
NIISTFeb-2021In Processing
NIOMar-2016Generated and closed on 31 Mar 2016
NISCAIROct-2020In Processing
NISTADSNov-2020In Processing
NMLNov-2020Generated and closed on 04 Jan 2021
NPLSep-2014Generated and closed on 15 Apr 2015
SERCFeb-2021In Processing
URDIPJan-2014Generated and closed on 05 Mar 2014